JOB NUMBER:  13-036-1710         
CLOSING DATE: June 14, 2013 - 1:00 p.m. CST
STARTING SALARY RANGE: $29,739 – $33,457 annually, plus excellent benefits
POSITION TITLE:  Video Production Technician


The Video Production Technician performs video production duties for TexasBarCLE and other entities of the State Bar.  The individual works under and is supervised by the Director of Video Production.


  1. Provides videotaping services and audio-visual support at seminars and other events.  Job duties require extensive travel including; driving and/or riding in a van to and from events, occasional air travel to and from events, loading and unloading of equipment, overnight stays in hotels and working overtime. 
  2. Participates in other aspects of video and audio programming, including DVD authoring, DVD/tape duplicating, labeling, lighting, camera operating, etc.
  3. Helps with supplies and maintenance of equipment and studio.
  4. Performs other duties as required. 


Requires a Bachelor degree in Radio-Television-Film (or related field) or a minimum of 3 years professional video production experience.  Requires a valid Texas driver's license and an acceptable driving record.  Must be able to comprehend information audibly and visually in order to perform assigned responsibilities.  Must be able to communicate effectively on the telephone, in person, and in written form.  Must be physically able to load, unload, and set up production equipment and sets.  Required activities may include driving a van, climbing on ladders, crawling, bending, standing or sitting quietly for long periods of time, and lifting up to 50 pounds.  Must be able to travel up to 40% of the time in performance of the above responsibilities.  Must have a working knowledge of audio-visual and video production equipment and software such as:  video cameras, LCD projectors, tape/DVD recorders, audio mixers, monitors, PowerPoint, editing software, etc.

Must submit a State Bar Application.  Applicants may also provide a “demo reel” of academic and/or professional production experience with application.  An online link to the video is preferred, or if not possible, a DVD may be mailed.  DVDs will not be returned.  Demo must include information explaining how applicant contributed to each sample of work.  Examples: directed, audio, camera operator, edited, created graphics, etc.