Report Your MCLE Hours

It is your responsibility to make sure your mandatory MCLE hours are accurately and timely reported.

Failure to timely report CLE credit hours could result in a non-compliance penalty of $100, $200, or $300.

Your Notice via the MCLE Annual Verification Report

Your MCLE Annual Verification Report will be mailed to you eight weeks prior to your birth month. Please review this report carefully. If the report indicates that you have completed the requisite number of MCLE hours, no further action is required.

If you have not completed or reported the minimum 15 hours by the last day of your compliance year, a reminder Notice will be emailed and mailed to you at the beginning of the birth month (grace period).

You will automatically be given your birth month as a grace period in order to comply with MCLE requirements without a penalty. If you do not complete and report at least 15 hours of CLE by the last day of your birth month (grace peri0d), you will be in non-compliance and subject to a penalty.

Timely reporting requires that all CLE hours be received by the MCLE Director by the last day of the birth month. Hours received after the last day of the birth month, even if completed earlier, will result in a non-compliance penalty.

How to Report Your Hours

Report your MCLE hours by either of two ways:

  • Online at My Bar Page: You can easily access and report your MCLE hours when you log in to My Bar Page. Click on the link to “View/Report MCLE Hours”.

  • Submit a coded “Credit Input Form”: You may request a Credit Input Form. This form is printed with special ink that is read by our scanner and it cannot be copied or reproduced. If you need a form, please contact us at the number below.

  • If you have completed Credit Input Form, please mail it to the address below. The Credit Input Form will need to be received by the MCLE Director by the last day of the birth month in order to avoid a non-compliance penalty.

MCLE Annual Verification Report Instructions

Contact Us

Please contact the MCLE Department with any additional questions.

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Fax: 512-427-4423

Mailing Address
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