MCLE Annual Verification Report Instructions

1. MEMBERSHIP STATUS: Check your Membership status on the upper right-hand portion of the Annual Verification Report. If your status is not ACTIVE, contact the State Bar of Texas Membership Department to determine what needs to be done to return your status to Active. If you are currently INACTIVE, but were ACTIVE for any portion of the MCLE compliance year, then you will still be required to demonstrate compliance with MCLE by claiming an MCLE exemption, or by claiming the requisite CLE hours.

2. MCLE REPORTING STATUS: Check your MCLE reporting status. A REGULAR status means that you are subject to the full MCLE requirements. If you are eligible for a full or partial exemption, or wish to reaffirm or remove an existing exemption, please change your status online. Log into My Bar Page to change your status.

3. SUMMARY OF CLE HOURS: This section shows a summary of your MCLE credit hours:

    • Line 1 – shows credit carried over from the previous MCLE compliance year. The maximum number of carry-forward hours that can be carried over from one year to the next is fifteen hours, including three legal ethics/professional responsibility hours.

    • Line 2 – shows the actual number of CLE credits completed and added to your record during the current MCLE compliance year.

    • Line 3 – shows the number of credit hours that have been applied to your current compliance year. Hours from Line 1 (carry-forward hours) are always applied first, and then hours from Line 2 are applied next. No more than three hours of self-study, including one legal ethics/professional responsibility hour, can be applied toward the current MCLE compliance year, regardless of whether the self-study is carried forward from the previous MCLE compliance year, or earned during the current MCLE compliance year.

    • Line 4 – shows the total number of CLE hours that must be completed in order to fulfill your MCLE requirements for the current compliance year.

    • Line 5 – shows excess credits you have from your current compliance year that will carry-forward to next year.

    • Line 6 – shows the total number of credit hours that you would need to complete by next year.

4. CLE ACTIVITY LISTING: Review the list of CLE activities that have been posted to your MCLE record for the current compliance year. Changes or corrections to the list can be made online. Log into My Bar Page and click on the link to “View/Report Credits”. Otherwise, contact the MCLE dept. by phone or email to obtain an original copy of the CLE Credit Input Form to report your credits. Only original copies of the CREDIT INPUT FORM can be accepted. We are unable to accept photocopied, emailed or faxed copes of the CREDIT INPUT FORM.

5. NON-COMPLIANCE PENALTY: If your report shows that you have not completed the requisite MCLE credits, you will be given an automatic grace period through the end of your birth month to complete and report the remaining credit hours. If your credit hours are not completed and reported (on your MCLE record) by the last day of your birth month, a non-compliance penalty fee will automatically be assessed. The non-compliance fee shall be determined by the date upon which the MCLE Director receives the member’s report of completed hours as follows:

    • $100 if received within one month after the member’s birth month.

    • $200 if received within two months after the member’s birth month.

    • $300 if received thereafter, but before suspension of the member.

6. MCLE ONLINE SERVICES: MCLE provides the following services at the MCLE Member Home Page found by logging into “My Bar Page”.

    • Review your confidential MCLE compliance record.

    • Print transcripts or compliance reports for current or past MCLE compliance years.

    • Add course or self-study credit to your current MCLE record.

    • Change your current MCLE status to/from an exempt status.

    • Search for upcoming CLE activities.

    • Download an Application for Accreditation of an Out-of-State CLE activity.

    • Review or print MCLE Rules, Regulations and Accreditation Standards.

7. OUT-OF-STATE CLE ACTIVITIES: if you attended a CLE course that was held out-of-state and it was not accredited for MCLE in Texas by way of an application filed by the sponsor of the activity, you can complete and submit an Application for Accreditation of a CLE Activity. A separate application form is needed for each out-of-state CLE activity. You may Download an Application.

8. QUESTIONS: Please contact the MCLE department with questions about MCLE compliance or requirements:

    • PHONE: 1-800-204-2222 ext. 1806, or 512-427-1806.

    • MAILING ADDRESS: MCLE Dept., P.O. Box 13007, Austin, TX 78711-3007

    • PHYSICAL ADDRESS: State Bar of Texas MCLE Dept., 1414 Colorado, Suite 503, Austin, TX 78701

    • EMAIL:

MCLE Reporting Cycle

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