Public Education Toolkits

The State Bar presents these public education resource toolkits to help Texas lawyers build community awareness about our justice system through the "Let's Do Justice for Texas" initiative.
Each toolkit comes packed with valuable resources such as:

  • Interesting facts about the State Bar and the Texas judicial and legislative branches

  • Answers to questions members of your community might ask

  • Talking points for speeches to civic organizations or student groups

  • Classroom how-to for contacting local schools to speak to students

  • A sample speech on the Rule of Law

  • A sample op-ed piece for your local newspaper

Download the Toolkits

  • Rule of Law Toolkit: This toolkit assists lawyers in addressing classrooms or community groups, writing op-ed pieces in local papers, building programs to benefit the community, and more.

  • Election Law Toolkit: This toolkit helps lawyers generate awareness and understanding of the election process and to impress upon our fellow citizens that voting is a privilege that should not be taken for granted.

  • Jury Service Toolkit: A public education resource for lawyers: This toolkit serves as a resource guide to assist lawyers in addressing classrooms or community groups or by contributing op-eds or letters to their local papers.

  • Juror Information Guide: A public education resource: This toolkit, adapted from the Jury Service Toolkit, includes fact sheets and answers to frequently asked questions that can be provided to the public along with a list of resources for finding additional information.

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