May 2024 | Vol. 86, No. 5

Artificial Intelligence: How does AI impact Texas lawyers and the way they practice law?

Plus: What lawyers need to know about the Corporate Transparency Act.


The Corporate Transparency Act
Beneficial ownership reporting is here.
Written by Jeff Dodd

SXSW 2024
The intersection of law and technology.
Written by Geoffrey Hinkson, Rebecca Johnson, and Eric Quitugua

Legal Reasoning
Counseling clients on managing the risks of artificial intelligence.
Written by Shawn E. Tuma and Kristen Petry

Preparing to confront AI-generated ‘evidence’ in investigations and litigation.
Written by Anne D. Cartwright, Peter C. Anderson, and Jonathan A. Porter

Generating Content
Can artificial intelligence create IP for itself and for you or your clients?
Written by Marc Vockell



Executive Director's Page
Let’s Talk Leadership
Written by Trey Apffel

President's Page

Moving Towards Better
Written by Cindy Tisdale

State Bar Director Spotlight
David Courreges

Legal Tech
Motion to Suppress?
An iPhone camera sees through tinted car windows without offending the Fourth Amendment.
Written by Pierre Grosdidier

Ethics Question of the Month

TYLA President's Page
The Final Countdown (For This Year’s TYLA Projects)
Written by Laura Pratt

Solo/Small Firm
What to Do When a Partner Leaves
A basic road map ensures a smooth transition.
Written by Rhonda Reddick

Disciplinary Actions

Movers and Shakers


Classified Advertising

News From Around the Bar

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