MCLE Military Waiver

Attorneys serving in the U.S. Armed Forces performing services in a combat zone - who will not practice law in Texas during this time period - are eligible for exemption from the mandatory MCLE requirement.*

If you are a member who is currently deployed to a combat zone, or if you will soon be deployed during the current MCLE compliance year, you may qualify for an exempt status.

Steps and What To Expect

  1. Download and print the waiver form. This waiver form must be filled out for all instances detailed below.
    Military MCLE Waiver Form [PDF]

  2. Complete the form and send to the MCLE Department by mail, email or fax (see Contact Us below).

  3. Our MCLE Department forwards your waiver request to the Supreme Court of Texas, which is the authority that sets mandatory MCLE requirements.

  4. The Supreme Court will review your waiver request and return it to us. If there are any problems we will contact you.

  5. Your exempt status will be automatically renewed and will remain on your MCLE record until you have notified the MCLE department that your deployment has ended. Once you have returned from your deployment, you will need to contact the MCLE department by mail, email, or fax to make arrangements to return to a Regular (practicing) MCLE status.

  6. If you missed your MCLE compliance year due to deployment in a combat zone, and you were in non-compliance due to your deployment, you will need to notify the MCLE department as soon as your deployment has ended to request a "retroactive" hardship-exempt status for the year(s) that you were deployed.


Please review these frequently asked questions if you still have questions about MCLE Military Waiver.

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information regarding MCLE exemptions, or mail or fax your waiver request to:


State Bar of Texas
MCLE Dept.
P. O. Box 13007
Austin, TX 78711

Express Mail

State Bar of Texas
MCLE Dept.
1414 Colorado
Suite 503 Austin, TX 78701



800.204-2222 (ext. 1806)



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* Supreme Court order granting dues waivers for any military attorney serving in a combat zone [PDF]

* Resolution of the Board of Directors Regarding Waivers of Dues and MCLE Requirements for Military Attorneys Serving in Combat Zones [PDF].

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