State Bar of Texas statement on Attorney General opinion request

On June 14, 2019, the Attorney General Opinion Committee notified the State Bar that because the requestor is no longer in office, it is closing the file on opinion request RQ-0265-KP filed by then-president Joe K. Longley on January 22, 2019.

The State Bar’s Board of Directors heard considerable discussion in its January 18, 2019 meeting, and after that discussion, the board voted unanimously (with Mr. Longley abstaining) to reaffirm the longstanding voting structure for TYLA officers. Since January 18, 2019, there has been additional briefing developed that supports the current voting structure. As such, the State Bar did not ask the Attorney General to continue Mr. Longley’s request.

For details about the State Bar’s position on these questions, please see our response to the opinion request. More documents related to the request are available at

As always, the State Bar welcomes all comments, suggestions, and feedback. You can contact Executive Director Trey Apffel by email at or 2019-2020 President Randy Sorrels, at or call 800-204-2222.

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