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Along with the Local Bar Services Committee, our department has the express purpose of facilitating communication between State Bar leadership and local bar leaders to assist in the development and enhancement of their associations.

Our department also initiates programs that further the legal professions’ involvement in local communities. Our goal is to improve the legal profession's standing with the public at large through these efforts.

We establish and maintain close relationships with local bar associations with the following elements:

Local Bar Resources

The Local Bar Services Department is the one stop for all local bar needs. Our department can connect you with the following resources:

View our Local Bar Services Information Sheet to learn about additional local bar resources available.

Bar Districts

Click here to determine your bar’s district and State Bar of Texas elected director. Click here to determine your bar’s district and Local Bar Services Committee representative.

Roster of Local, Regional, Specialty, & Statewide Bar Associations

Roster of Local, Regional, Specialty, & Statewide Bar Associations

Metropolitan, county, regional, specialty, and minority bar associations, in addition to young lawyer affiliates and local Texas chapters of other state or national bar associations are encouraged to self-report to the State Bar of Texas each year so our department may maintain an accurate roster of associations. Local Bar’s contact information may be requested by the public, attorneys interested in joining your association, and other associations interested in networking. The Local Bar Services Department will also use this information to keep bars informed about valuable resources we offer.

Submit your current president’s contact information annually via email to localbars@texasbar.com when a new president’s term begins.

Joining a local bar association

Local bars offer a great way to network with other attorneys in your area and serve your community. Associations are always looking for volunteers for programs such as legal lines, veteran clinics, or fee dispute programs. If you’re interested in joining a local bar, please contact the bar directly for membership information. Click here to view the list of active local bars we have on record in the state.

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