Legal Access Department

This State Bar department offers support, training, publications, resource materials, and more to legal services programs and pro bono volunteers.


What is Pro Bono?
Read about our Pro Bono policies and FAQ.

Where can I find free or reduced-fee legal assistance?
Search the Referral Directory which has information about legal services and other resources for low-income Texans.

Where can I volunteer?
Visit the website for information on how to volunteer.

Where can I find free legal information and forms online?
Visit for free information on family law matters, protective orders, and other self-help legal resources.

How do I report my pro bono hours?
Report your annual hours online and help the State Bar track attorney pro bono service across Texas.

Law firms that need to report hours of "Legal Services to the Poor" for multiple attorneys may use this spreadsheet and submit to

How can I find my local legal aid office?
Use the Legal Aid Area Directory to help find your local legal aid office.

How can I become a member of the Pro Bono College? Learn how you can become a member.

I don't qualify for legal aid, who can I call?
Contact the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Information Services (LRIS) department.

Where can I donate money to support civil legal service?
Get details on how to donate to the Texas Access to Justice Fund.

I am a veteran, how can I get legal help?
Visit Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans (TLTV), a State Bar of Texas program for military veterans who otherwise cannot afford or do not have access to the legal services they need.

How can I volunteer during a crisis?
Learn how to volunteer your services during a crisis.

I am having trouble with my attorney, who can I call?
Contact the Client Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP) to find out how it can help resolve disputes between you and your attorney.

Do I qualify for the NOVA Program?
Learn more about this program that allows retired, inactive, or out-of-state-licensed attorneys to provide pro bono help in Texas.


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Pro Bono Superstars

The State Bar of Texas celebrates legal professionals who generously donate their time and talent to help change the lives of people in need.

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