Ineligible Attorney List

The State Bar of Texas publishes a list of licensed Texas attorneys who are currently ineligible to practice law. The list is updated daily, because an attorney’s licensure status may change at any time.

An attorney may be ineligible to practice for a variety of reasons, such as disciplinary or administrative suspensions. A description of why an attorney is ineligible to practice is included by each person’s name.

To access the list of attorneys not eligible to practice law in Texas, click on the links below:

List of Ineligible Attorneys by County

List of Ineligible Attorneys by Last Name

  • Codes of ineligibility are listed by each attorney’s name

  • Code descriptions are located at the bottom of each page

  • Use "Edit" from the top tool bar and click on "Find" to narrow your search

For the Judiciary: Review Your Dockets

When reviewing your dockets of pending cases, you may click on the links above to determine whether an attorney is ineligible to practice law.

Please take appropriate measures to ensue that attorneys on this list are not allowed to make court appearances unless they prove that their license has been reinstated (via a receipt, or a letter of good standing from the State Bar of Texas or Supreme Court of Texas).

Contact Us

If you have any questions about an attorney’s eligibility status to practice law in Texas, please contact the State Bar Membership Department at the contact information below.



512-427-1383 or
800-204-2222, ext. 1383

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