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The State Bar of Texas is the first and only bar association in the country to offer its members free access to both Fastcase and Casemaker legal research—a combined value of approximately $2,000 a year. Read below for descriptions of both services, along with links to our recent legal research newsletters. Access Casemaker and Fastcase anytime by logging on to My Bar Page.

Adviser: A State Bar of Texas Legal Research Newsletter





Casemaker is a free member benefit that provides legal research to all State Bar members. The Casemaker Texas Library includes:

  • Texas case law

  • Texas statutes

  • Texas Administrative Code

  • Texas Constitution

  • Attorney General Opinions

  • State Court Rules

  • Municipal Codes for five Texas cities

  • Case law and statutes of all 50 states

To access this valuable research tool, please login to your My Bar Page.


  • Texas Plan (available free to all Texas lawyers)

  • Supreme Court of Texas

  • Texas Courts of Appeals

  • U.S. Supreme Court

  • Fifth Circuit Court

  • U.S. Code

  • Texas Constitution and Statutes

  • Premium Plan (available free to solos and firms of 10 lawyers or fewer)

  • Texas Plan

  • Nationwide coverage from state and federal courts, state statutes and administrative regulations, court rules, and constitutions 

To access this valuable research tool, please login to your My Bar Page.

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