TMCP Counsel Connections

Participating in the TMCP’s Counsel Connections is a great way to develop new business relationships. Representatives from corporate legal departments have an opportunity to meet a diverse pool of outside counsel candidates.

Corporations interested in participating in the Counsel Connections should complete and submit the TMCP 2021 Counsel Connection Form:

TMCP Counsel Connections Form

Counsel Connections Companies *List updated weekly




The Neiman Marcus Group LLC, Legal Department


Tokyo Electron Limited



What Are Counsel Connections?

TMCP Counsel Connections are brief meetings between outside counsel and representatives from corporate and government legal departments to discuss potential opportunities. We make the process easy by:

  1. compiling résumés in an online database so representatives can choose to meet those who may have the skill sets needed by the organization, and

  2. scheduling one-on-one meetings at times selected by the corporate representative.


Although the TMCP is an excellent opportunity to network and form new business relationships, the conference is not a job fair, nor is there any guarantee that work will be given or received as a result of Counsel Connections. We provide opportunities for diverse outside counsel to discuss their practice areas with corporate and government representatives. This introduction could be the first step for lawyers and their firms to be considered for future work.

What Is the Selection Process?

Corporate and government agency representatives review résumés of TMCP outside counsel registrants and choose those who may have the requisite skills or expertise needed by their organization, either now or in the future. To best facilitate a match between outside counsel attendees’ areas of expertise and a company’s hiring interests, TMCP Counsel Connections participants are selected in advance. Outside counsel who register and upload their résumé by the deadline will be considered.

How to Sign Up

Corporations and government agencies interested in participating should complete the Counsel Connections form which signs up the company. You will be contacted with instructions on registering individual attorneys.

Outside counsel attendees interested in being considered by the Counsel Connection companies should select the option when registering for the conference in order to receive the link to upload a personal résumé and/or a firm résumé, including a narrative description of the law firm’s practice, area(s) of expertise, and all office locations. To be considered, résumé(s) must be received by the registration deadline.

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