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State Bars by the Numbers

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Back in February of last year, I brought you some statistics showing how mandatory bar associations across the country that have at least 50,000 members operate. Since the latest survey results are out,1 it seemed like time for an update.

Below, we’re looking at statistics from the country’s four largest mandatory bars. California remains the largest in membership, with Texas following. Florida and Washington, D.C., are not far behind.

It’s interesting to note that while the State Bar of Texas has more than half the membership of the nation’s largest mandatory bar, our budget is less than 20% of theirs. Even as our dues remain low—holding steady since 1991—we continue to bring you an array of benefits and services as we work to achieve our duty to regulate the legal profession and improve the quality of legal services available in Texas. We hope you take advantage of these services and get the maximum benefit from your membership. Take a look at what’s available to you at texasbar.com/benefits.


Executive Director, State Bar of Texas
Editor in Chief, Texas Bar Journal


Headshot of Trey Apffel

1. “2022 State and Local Bar Benchmarks Survey: Membership,” American Bar Association Bar Services Division.

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