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The speed of today’s law practice—and life in general—can be dizzying, so I’m quite fond of services that save me time. That category now includes Texas Case Alerts from Fastcase, a new benefit available exclusively to members of the State Bar of Texas.

This free subscription email service allows you to stay up to date on opinions released by Texas courts. Simply sign up for one or more of the Texas Case Alerts to start receiving daily notifications of new Texas caselaw in the following categories:

  • Business Law

  • Debtor & Creditor Law

  • Education & Juvenile Law

  • Family Law (Adoption, Custody, Divorce, Domestic Restraining Orders)

  • Firearms Law

  • Government & Administrative Law

  • Health Care Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Labor & Employment Law

  • Personal Injury Litigation Law

  • Real Property, Oil & Gas, Agriculture & Construction Law

  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

  • Wills, Trusts, Probate, Elder & Guardianship Law

Sign up for the case alerts at https://law.vlex.com/texascasealerts. Fastcase will deliver them to your inbox on regular business days, excluding holidays. Each case includes a brief excerpt and a public link to the full opinion.

The service does not include Texas Supreme Court case alerts, which are available directly from the court through a separate, free subscription at www.txcourts.gov/supreme/. Simply enter your email address in the box labeled “News Service” and click “Subscribe.”

I wrote about Fastcase in this space in May 2022 when we jointly launched an expanded legal research benefit that includes access to millions of briefs, pleadings, motions, and orders through Docket Alarm within the Fastcase platform. We appreciate our partnership with Fastcase and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional services to members of our bar.


Sheeran-Crowley Lawyer Wellness Trust Donations
I hope everyone reads President Laura Gibson’s message on Page 80 of this issue on the importance of our well-being as lawyers and asking for help when we need it. Whenever Texas lawyers, law students, or judges need treatment for substance use or other mental health issues but cannot afford it, they can turn to the Sheeran-Crowley Lawyer Wellness Trust for monetary assistance. The trust is administered confidentially by Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program, or TLAP, staff and volunteer trustees who are members of Texas Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, an organization that works closely with TLAP. Donations to this lifesaving work are always needed and can be made online at sheerancrowley.org/donate.

Special thanks are due to Mike Yarber and his team at Texas Lawyers’ Insurance Exchange, or TLIE, the longtime member benefit partner of the State Bar of Texas that has provided professional liability insurance to Texas lawyers since 1979. As part of its preferred provider agreement with the State Bar, TLIE has committed to contribute a total of $50,000 over the next five years to the Sheeran-Crowley Lawyer Wellness Trust. Thank you, Mike and team, for your steadfast dedication to Texas lawyers’ practices and our well-being.



Executive Director, State Bar of Texas
Editor-in-Chief, Texas Bar Journal

Trey Apffel can be reached at 512-427-1500, trey.apffel@texasbar.com or @ApffelT on Twitter.


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