Definition of MCLE Credit

Every active State Bar of Texas member must complete a minimum of 15 hours of accredited CLE during each MCLE compliance year.

  • 12 of these hours must be in accredited CLE classes

  • 3 of these hours must be in legal ethics/legal professional responsibility

  • 3 of these hours, including 1 hour of legal ethics, could be in self study.

Accredited CLE

Accredited CLE credit is received by attending MCLE approved activities including live group presentations, live and pre-recorded online CLE and webinars and by reviewing approved downloadable CLE programs such as podcasts and programs recorded onto DVD and CD.

Currently, at least 12 hours of your 15-hour requirement for each compliance year must be in a form of accredited CLE.

There is a 3-hour minimum requirement for legal ethics/legal professional responsibility.

Self-Study Credit

Self-study credit includes credit for any CLE activity performed by an individual attorney acting alone or while attending non-accredited professional education activities. For the definition of self-study credit, please see MCLE Regulations 2.2.

Self-study is optional and 3 of your total 15 hours can be completed in the form of self-study activities. There is a three-hour minimum requirement for legal ethics/legal professional responsibility. One hour of this minimum can be satisfied through self-study. The remaining credits must be completed through attendance at Accredited CLE activities.

MCLE Requirements for Attorneys Serving a Disciplinary Suspension

All attorneys, whether active or suspended for disciplinary reasons, are required to comply with MCLE requirements.

Law School Credit

Attorneys can receive up to thirty (30.00) hours per compliance year for in-person attendance at an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school after admission to practice. Credit is for actual hours of in-class instruction, not through electronic means. Please complete the Request for MCLE Credit for Attending Law School Classes form [PDF], include a transcript or grade report verifying completion of courses, and a $25 non-refundable fee.

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