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Texas Speakers Bureau

The following individual Texas attorneys may be good resources to speak on topics related to disability and education and/or disability and the criminal justice system involving minors. Their speaking topics are indicated below their names. Please contact each directly to inquire as to their availability and interest in speaking for your group:

Holly Terrell – Pearland – 281-906-9716 – hollyterrelllaw@gmail.com

  Willing to speak on the following topics:

  • IDEA/special education

      o Overview
      o Evaluation issues (FIEs, IEEs, etc.)

  • Section 504 (services in schools and federal claims)

  • Due process and other options (overview)

  • COVID and special education

  • Autism supplement

  • Cameras in classrooms

  • Special education/section 504 intersection with juvenile law issues

  • Local Grievances

  • OCR Complaints

  • Disciplinary issues & MDR

  • LRE

  • IEPs (Present Levels)

  • Service animals

  • Mental health topics

  • LGBTQ issues

  • Service animals

  • Behavioral topics

  • Title IX

  • Title VI

  • ADA

Tommy Ramirez – Devine – 830-522-5913 – tommy@tramirezlaw.com

  • Preparing for and prosecuting special education due process hearings

Sharon Ramage – McKinney – 972-562-9890 – sharon@ramagelawfirm.com

  • Willing to speak related to special education and Disability Issues in Family Law Cases

Dorene Philpot – Livingston – 281-989-2010 – fape4kids@gmail.com

  • Willing to speak on special education law and advocacy

Catherine Michael – Austin – 214-937-3771 – catherine@cmklawfirm.com

  • Willing to speak on special education law and advocacy

Sonja Kerr – Austin – 610-675-7192 – sonja@cmklawfirm.com

  • Willing to speak on special education law (all disabilities), federal court litigation on behalf of disabled students (IDEA, 504 ADA and related claims).

Jackie Dodd – Allen/Dallas area – 469-319-1351 – jackie@doddlawtexas.com

  • Willing to speak on special education, DAEP hearings and juveniles being charged in schools

Marty Cirkiel – Round Rock – 512-244-6678 – marty@cirkielaw.com

  • Willing to speak on Disability Discrimination in Public Schools, Civil Remedies

Roy Atwood – Dallas – 213-559-7399 – royatwood@atwoodgameros.com

  • Willing to speak on special education

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