Local Bar Services Committee

Created in 1978


To concern itself with providing services and information to local and specialty bar associations by serving as a liaison between the State Bar and the local association and aiding local and specialty bar associations in developing and carrying out worthwhile projects through the Awards of Merit Program.

2021-2022 Projects and Objectives

  • to host a successful and informative Bar Leaders Conference;

  • to improve and update the Stars of Texas Bars Awards process;

  • to create a strong presence among local bar associations;

  • to solicit more involvement by minority bar associations and TYLA;

  • to reduce committee expenses; and

  • to increase local bar participation in Law Day.

Department Contact
Local Bar Services
(512) 427-1514

Staff Contact
Susan Brennan
(512) 427-1523

Leslie Dippel
(512) 854-9513

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