Court Rules Committee

Created in 1941


To concern itself with revisions of the Rules of Practice in civil actions and the statutes of Texas relating thereto, for the purpose of enhancing fairness to the litigants, judicial efficiency and economy, and the reduction of the cost of litigation.

2021 - 2022 Projects and Objectives

  • TRCP 193.7 Production of self-authenticating documents

  • TRCP 194.2(c) Rules concerning required disclosures in family law cases

  • TRCP 192.5 Work product

  • TRAP 41.1(a) Panel and en banc decisions

  • TRAP 39.7 Oral argument

  • TRAP 6.5 Withdrawal of counsel on appeal

  • Other issues identified by members of the Committee and the Bar throughout the year

Staff Contact

Virginia Izaguirre
Director of Program Planning
(512) 427-1837

Andrew Jones
Sawicki Law

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