Real Estate Forms Committee

Created in 1970


To review and update the Texas Real Estate Forms Manual.

2021-2022 Objectives

  • The committee’s task this year is to prepare materials for a supplement to the Texas Real Estate Forms Manual for publication in the spring of 2022. The focus of the 2021-2022 Real Estate Forms Committee will be to review each chapter for accuracy, revise forms based upon changes to the law enacted by the 87th Legislature or recent appellate court decisions, update Additional Resources with new CLE articles, and add new forms. The Committee is also considering the possibility of enhancing the electronic version of the manual with 10-15 minute video presentations using key documents or concepts in the manual.

Department Contact

Texas Bar Books
(512) 427-1411

Staff Contact
Derek Smith
(512) 427-1832

Roland Love
(214) 202-1959

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