Professionalism and Civility Committee

Created in 1990


To identify factors that influence professionalism and to develop and recommend to the State Bar Board of Directors ways to improve professionalism with particular attention to the professional development of new lawyers while encouraging civility to adversaries, officials, colleagues, clients and other parties.

The Texas Lawyer’s Creed calls for attorneys to conduct themselves with courtesy and professionalism toward judges, adversaries, peers, colleagues, and clients. In that spirit, the State Bar of Texas provides multiple resources to help promote professionalism in the legal profession.

2021-2022 Projects and Objectives

  • Our main project this year has been in the works since last year: the Statewide Day of Civility Program which will air virtually September 17. We are also working on updating the State Bar Mentorship program, the ethics directory, outreach to law schools, and CLE for judges. Covid has had an impact on our ability to operate in person, but we are hopeful we can do more in-person outreach in the latter part of 2021 into 2022.

Staff Contact

Tracy Brown
State Bar of Texas
(512) 427-1573

Kathy Mills
(361) 888-0457

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