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Continuing Goals

Racial Diversity in the Judiciary
To continue to explore ways to increase the number of minority judges at all levels of the judicial system. A subcommittee will be charged with the task of developing an informational seminar about becoming a Judge.

Maintaining Diversity in Texas Law Schools
To seek an increase in the number of minority law students in Texas law schools. The Diversity in the Profession Committee will examine ways to make LSAT prep courses available to economically disadvantaged college students.

Minority Representation on the State Bar Board of Directors
To develop a program to identify and encourage minority attorneys to serve on the State Bar Board. The ideas developed by the Committee will be implemented in cooperation with local minority bars.

Law Firm Diversity
The Diversity in the Profession Committee always remains committed to encouraging and facilitating the recruitment and retention of minority lawyers in major Texas law firms. In addition, the committee will continue to assist bar associations for which it has helped launch a Statement of Goals initiative assessing the hiring and retention of minorities by signatories to the statement.

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