One Time Expunction of an Administrative Suspension for Nonpayment of Membership Fees

(Pursuant to State Bar Rule Art. III, Section 9)

This section does not apply to a disciplinary suspension for professional misconduct.

Criteria for consideration of an expunction are as follows:

  • The member has not previously obtained an expunction under this rule;

  • The suspension was for 90 days or less;

  • Except for the suspension that is the subject of the expunction request, the member has not previously been suspended for nonpayment of membership fees;

  • The member is not currently the subject of a disciplinary proceeding or investigation; and

  • The member has no record of disciplinary suspension–whether active or probated–or of prior disbarment or resignation in lieu of discipline.

To request an expunction of an Administrative Suspension, please remit to the State Bar:

  1. Request for One-Time Expunction for Administrative Suspension for Nonpayment of Membership Fees form;

  2. State Bar of Texas Authorization and Release form

A suspension expunged under this rule is deemed never to have occurred. The record of an expunction is confidential and may not be disclosed by the clerk or the State Bar.

Send the completed forms to the State Bar at the following address:

State Bar of Texas
Membership Department
PO Box 12487
Austin, Texas 78711-2487

A letter will be sent to the attorney confirming or denying the request.

If you have questions, please contact Karen Rebernak by phone at (512) 427-1421, or by email at

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