Voluntary Resignation

(Pursuant to State Bar Rule Art. III, Section 7)

If a member is not facing pending disciplinary action, he/she may follow the steps shown below to resign from the State Bar of Texas:

  1. Complete the Voluntary Resignation Request Form;

  2. Return the member’s bar card or, if the card has been lost, complete the Affidavit Regarding Lost Bar Card or the Unsworn Declaration of Lost Bar Card; and,

  3. Complete the Authorization and Release Form for issuance of a certificate issued by the Chief Disciplinary Counsel. This certificate is issued for the purpose of affirming that no disciplinary action is pending against the member and that the member is not being investigated for professional misconduct.

Send the completed forms to the State Bar at the following address, along with the member’s bar card. If the bar card has been lost, see item (2) above:

State Bar of Texas
Membership Department
PO Box 12487
Austin, Texas 78711-2487

A letter will be sent to the attorney confirming the resignation and indicating the effective date. Please note that if you voluntarily resign from the State Bar of Texas, you will be giving up your license and once approved, you will be removed from the list of persons licensed to practice law in Texas.

If you ever wish to practice law in Texas again, you would need to reapply with the Texas Board of Law Examiners and retake the bar exam.

If you are not practicing law in Texas but do not wish to give up your Texas law license, you may be eligible for inactive status. Please click here for more information.

If you have questions, please contact Karen Rebernak by phone at (512) 427-1421, or by email at karen.rebernak@texasbar.com.

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