CLE Sponsors & Out-of-State Accreditation

Our application process is now completely online. Click on either of the links to submit a course for CLE accreditation.   

Are you a new CLE sponsor? Download the following PDF documents for additional details:

  • Accreditation Standards for CLE Activities
    This document outlines the criteria that are used to evaluate all CLE activities and to determine if MCLE credit can be granted.

  • MCLE Guide for Bias Courses
    Effective June 1, 2021, the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors approved proposed amendments to the MCLE Accreditation Standards to allow ethics credit for implicit and explicit bias courses.

  • MCLE Regulations
    The following Sections include important information about MCLE accreditation and the responsibilities of CLE sponsors: Section 2 (Categories of Credit), Section 6 (Attendance Reporting), and Section 10 (Accreditation of CLE Activities).

Bail Bond Course Accreditation

  • Application [PDF]

  • For questions about Bail Bond Course Accreditation, please call (800) 204.2222 (ext 1841), or (512) 427.1841.

Contact Us

Please contact the MCLE Department with any additional questions.

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Phone: (800) 204-2222, ext. 1806 or (512) 427-1806
Fax: (512) 427-4423

Mailing Address
State Bar of Texas
MCLE Department
PO Box 13007
Austin, TX 78711-3007

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