Advertising Review

New Advertising Rules Effective July 1, 2021

New Advertising Rules FAQ

The Advertising Review application fee is $100.

Our Advertising Review Department is responsible for reviewing attorney and law firm advertisements and solicitation communications as required by Part VII of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct*.

Time Frames
Advertisements and Solicitation Communications can be filed either prior to dissemination OR concurrent with dissemination.

  • Preapproval review time is 25 days

  • Filing concurrent review time is 40 days

Application Form

Advertising Review Rules, Interpretive Comments, and Opinions
Read about the rules and exceptions to the rules. Also read and download comments and opinions.

ARC Operating Rules

Filing Instructions
Follow these steps when submitting an advertisement or solicitation communication for review.

What Types of Advertisements Must Be Submitted?
Find out if your advertisement must be submitted for review.

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