The Supreme Court of Texas last year created the Supreme Court Task Force on Uniform Forms to develop forms to assist indigent self represented litigants. Its findings have been referred to the Supreme Court Advisory Committee. The Court has accepted the State Bar of Texas’ offer to assist with how best to provide our poorest citizens access to the courts.

State Bar President Bob Black has appointed SOLUTIONS 2012, a task force to collect data, information, and recommend potential solutions regarding issues faced by indigent pro se litigants. The task force is co-chaired by Tim Belton of Bellaire, a public member of the State Bar Board of Directors, and Tom Vick of Weatherford, a former board member. The task force will provide a report to the State Bar Board of Directors at its April 13 meeting and to the Supreme Court Advisory Committee at its April 13-14 meeting.

The State Bar invites all who have an interest to join in the discussion to propose the best possible solutions to ensure the administration of justice and public protection under the law.

Please click here to provide input on Texas Bar Blog.

*The number of self-represented litigants is counted at the time of filing of the case, and it is only for all family law cases, all civil cases, or all probate cases. They said they cannot break down the data further than that. The filings data are new filings in original cases. No post-judgment family cases are included. Due to the drastic change in the content of the reports, you may notice incomplete reports in the data. Some counties have been struggling to get their case management systems set up to report correctly.