Resolving Fee Disagreements

Are you having a disagreement with your lawyer over your bill?

We provide information and help so that can help you resolve your dispute.

The rules* state clearly that your attorney may not bill for services that you did not receive. If you feel that your lawyer has broken these rules, you may file a grievance.

Follow these steps:

  • Talk to your lawyer first
  • If you can't talk to your lawyer, use CAAP
  • How to file a complaint
  • Local help in your area

Our fee dispute services are designed to protect you, and is just one of our many public services here at the State Bar of Texas.

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Talk to Your Lawyer First

It is very important that you try to discuss your concerns about your bill directly with your lawyer.

Sometimes all it takes is an honest and open conversation with your lawyer to resolve a question about your bill. Our research indicates that many problems start out as a simple miscommunication. Don't let this happen between you and your lawyer.

If you feel intimidated by your lawyer, take a friend or family member along for confidence. And take notes before you meet with your lawyer. Taking notes helps everyone stay focused on the issues.

Talk it out. It's definitely worth the try.

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Client-Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP)

If you can't resolve your fee dispute with your lawyer, call our Client-Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP) at:

(800) 932-1900

CAAP will help you determine if your fee dispute can be resolved without filing a grievance.

If CAAP believes that your lawyer may have actually billed you for fees not provided, they will provide you with forms and information to file a grievance.

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How to File a Grievance

Local Help in Your Area

If it is determined that your lawyer has not broken any rules and that the disagreement is strictly a problem you are having with the amount of your bill -- you will be notified of this and referred to a local bar association for help.

Most local bar associations have committees that handle fee disputes. The association will inform you of the steps to follow to submit your fee dispute to its committee.

Generally, the fee dispute process is entirely voluntary - your lawyer must agree to participate in the discussion.

Please check the list below for the nearest bar association to you and give them a call for your next steps.

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Local Bar Associations That Handle Fee Disputes

Corpus Christi Bar Association (361) 888-0650
Dallas Bar Association (214) 220-7400
Denton County Bar Association (940) 387-3776
El Paso Bar Association (915) 532-7052
Houston Bar Association (713) 759-1133
Jefferson County Bar Association (409) 835-8647
San Antonio Bar Association (210) 227-8822
Tarrant County Bar Association (817) 338-4092
Austin Bar Association (512) 472-0279

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Texas Dispute Resolution Centers

If there is no local bar association with a fee dispute committee near you, you may want to contact a Dispute Resolution Center (below). Each center will let you know your options.

(Potter and Randall Counties)
(806) 372-3381
(Travis County)
(512) 371-0033
(Jefferson County)
(409) 835-8747
Bryan/College Station
(Brazos County)
(979) 822-6947
(Montgomery County)
(936) 760-6914
Corpus Christi
(Nueces County)
(361) 888-0650
(Dallas County)
(214) 754-0022
(Denton County)
(940) 320-1500
El Paso
(El Paso County)
(915) 533-4800, ext. 123
Fort Worth
(Tarrant & Parker counties)
(817) 877-4554
(Harris County)
(713) 755-8274
(Mason, Gillespie, Bandera, Kimble,
Kendall, Menard, Kerry & McCulloch
(803) 792-5000
(Lubbock, Hockley, Cochran, Terry,
Yoakum, Garza & Dickens, Cochran &
Crosby counties)
(806) 775-1720
(Lamar, Red River, Franklin, Fannin,
Hopkins & Delta counties)
(903) 783-9839
(Fort Bend County)
(281) 342-5000
San Antonio
(Bexar County)
(210) 335-2128
(McLennan County)
(254) 752-0955

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