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How TLAP Can Help

TLAP's experienced and professional staff are available by phone and email to answer your questions about substance abuse, mental health and wellness issues. You can call us at any time of day or night at 1-800-343-8527. By statute, all communications are confidential.

TLAP services include:

Without proper intervention and treatment, substance abuse and mental illness are both chronic health conditions that worsen over time. Please call and find out how TLAP can help.

Crisis Counseling and Referrals

Our primary mission is to provide confidential crisis counseling and referrals for lawyers, law students and judges who are experiencing issues with substance use and/or mental health. Depending on the circumstances of each call, staff may provide referrals to: mental health professionals, peer assistance, recovery treatment programs, support groups, substance abuse evaluations, interventionists, on-line resources, educational media, etc.

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Peer Assistance

Through our peer assistance program, TLAP matches the lawyer who is challenged by substance use or mental health concerns with a fellow lawyer who has experienced recovery and is interested in helping another member of their local legal community do the same. Our trained volunteers can provide one-on-one ongoing guidance and can introduce the peer they are helping to local resources and support groups.

Customized CLE and Education

TLAP staff and volunteers are available to provide customized presentations on a variety of topics including: mental health issues for lawyers, substance abuse, resources for recovery, practicing wellness, etc. We regularly make presentations for Texas Bar CLE programs, the Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism, law schools, local and specialty bar associations, ABA seminars and private law firms. We believe that education is an important part of prevention and are committed to providing members of the bar with important information to make good decisions about their health and well being.

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Mandated Monitoring

TLAP provides monitors and monitoring services for the Board of Law Examiners, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel's Office and the Commission on Lawyer Discipline for an attorney whose license is on a probationary status and whose substance abuse, chemical dependency or mental health is an issue. The monitor is a volunteer attorney, trained by TLAP, who will have personal contact with the monitored attorney, call for random drug screens and file compliance reports.

Volunteer Opportunities

TLAP volunteers are dedicated men and women who are in recovery themselves and are willing to be a peer support for lawyers, judges or law students in crisis from alcohol or drug use ­or mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

Volunteering with TLAP is an excellent way to be of service to lawyers who are working to build a new way of life. Interested in helping? Please call TLAP at 800-343-8527.

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