District Director Positions

Those attorneys in good standing that are interested in running as a District Director for the State Bar Board of Directors must submit a petition to the State Bar by March 2, 2015. Names provided on the petition should be legible and the bard card number of each individual must be provided.

A bio sheet and candidate certification form as included below must also be submitted along with the petition.

District Director elections will be held from April 1 to April 30. There are 10 District Director positions that will be open this year from the various State Bar Districts throughout the state. For a list of the open positions, please see the chart below.

To assist in the improvement of the State Bar and the legal profession, your full commitment to the duties of a director is expected. Directors serve three-year terms and participate in many activities and events that require a significant time commitment. Below are Frequently Asked Questions about the duties and expectations of serving on the board and the guidelines for election.

Completed petitions should be emailed to candiss.held@texasbar.com or mailed to:

Office of Executive Director
Attention: Candiss Held
State Bar of Texas
PO Box 12487
Austin, TX 78711

If you need additional information, contact Candiss Held at 512-427-1416 or 800-204-2222 ext. 1416.