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All Blumberg Corporate Kits ship FREE for delivery by the end of 1-2 business days to Texas. Order kit online and get a free clause on corporate and LLC certificates. FREE SharePrinter™ Template makes printing certificates easy. Corporate kits available with printed minutes and by-laws, LLC kits with operating agreements.

For more information: www.blumberg.com.

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Blumberg Excelsior

FREE Incorporation or LLC Filing Service
BlumbergExcelsior Corporate Services, Inc. will file a new corporation or LLC in Texas for FREE when you buy a corporate or LLC kit for the entity.
Order must be placed by telephone with our Austin office 800 252-3050. Use Keycode FREEFILING. Requires purchase of a Black Beauty, equivalent or better kit. For new corporate services customers only. One time use only. Cannot be combined with other offers and cannot be applied to previous orders. Does not include disbursements.

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