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NOTE: These resources offer introductory information about legal topics, but cannot substitute for the advice of a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, please contact our Lawyer Information Referral Service at 800-252-9690. We make every effort to ensure information in these pamphlets is correct and consistent with the latest state law. If you believe something is incorrect or outdated, please contact Lowell Brown at


An Introduction to Mechanics Liens

Explains the most important and basic aspects of Texas lien law as set forth in Chapter 53 of the Texas Property Code and Article XVI, Section 37 of the Texas Constitution. (Last revised 2010)

Introduction to Mechanical Liens
Answering the Call: Responding to a Texas Civil Subpoena

A general guide to responding to a civil subpoena in state and federal court. (Last revised 2012)

Responding to a Texas Civil Subpoena
Answering the Call: Responding to a Texas Criminal Subpoena

A general guide to responding to a criminal subpoena in state and federal court. (Last revised 2012)

Answering the Call: Responding to a Texas Criminal Subpoena
Attorney Complaint Information

Answers to common questions about the State Bar of Texas grievance process.

Attorney Complaint Information
Attorney Client Relationship

A client’s relationship with a lawyer is unique. Lawyers and clients must be able to communicate freely for clients to receive the help they need, and the attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine make this possible. The attorney-client privilege protects confidential information learned by an attorney during client representation. The work-product doctrine protects the thoughts and materials prepared, and communications made, when lawyers and clients think litigation is possible. This pamphlet explains the basics of both protections, and seeks to teach clients how to avoid common pitfalls. (Last revised 2013)

Client Relationship

The goal of this pamphlet is to arm you with some basic tools for identifying, verifying, and then addressing substance abuse problems in children. (Last revised 2014)

Client Relationship
Becoming a Lawyer

Provides helpful resources for a career in the legal profession. (Last revised 2008) 

a Lawyer
Breathe Free: A Guide to Immigration

Immigration law, which sets forth the rules on when and how a non-U.S. citizen may enter the country, is an integral part of our society. This guide is intended to give you a broad understanding of the process. (Last revised 2014)

Breathe Free 
A Guide to Immigration
CAAP: Client-Attorney Assistance Program

The Client Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP) is a confidential statewide dispute resolution service of the State Bar of Texas. CAAP’s objective is to facilitate communication and foster productive dialogue between Texas lawyers and their clients in an effort to assist them in resolving minor concerns, disagreements, or misunderstandings that are impacting the attorney-client relationship. CAAP helps thousands of people every year resolve problems with their lawyers, and offers services in Spanish, Thai, and Laotian. (Last revised 2007)

Client Security Fund

The Client Security Fund provides relief to clients whose lawyers have failed to meet their obligations to pay restitution or, in case of disbarment, resignation, or death of the lawyer, clients who can demonstrate post-judgment that their lawyers stole money from them or failed to refund an unearned fee. (Last revised 2013)


Security Fund
Committed to Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures

Provides an introduction to involuntary commitment proceedings in Texas courts, including possible signals of mental health issues, a discussion of involuntary commitment procedures, and a comparison of involuntary commitment and guardianship. (Last revised 2008)

Committed to Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures
Consumer Bankruptcy

A layperson’s guide to bankruptcy and the steps leading up to it. The pamphlet includes descriptions of secured debt, unsecured debt, foreclosure, repossession of vehicles, understanding credit scores, and working with creditors. It provides an initiation to the types of Consumer Bankruptcy—Chapter 7 and 13, lists options for small businesses that are headed toward insolvency, and contains helpful information on locating an attorney, life after bankruptcy, and other third-party resources. (Last revised 2008)

Consumer Bankruptcy
The Constitution at School

A guide for public high school principals on the constitutional rights of students on campus. (Last revised 2009)

The Constitution at School
Criminal Law: 101

Provides an overview of the criminal justice process following the arrest through appeal as well as general information on the rights of victims and the accused. (Last revised 2013)

Law 101
Dealing with Dementia

Provides information on Alzheimer’s disease and a general discussion of dementia. (Last revised 2010)

Dealing With Dementia
Dispute Resolution Texas Style

Designed to promote use of alternative dispute resolution procedures. It outlines the essential elements of the ADR philosophy and addresses common concerns and question about the procedure. (Last revised 2010)


Resolution Texas Style
Educating Educators

A resource guide designed to instruct teachers and administrators on their rights, responsibilities and legal obligations. (Last revised 2014)

in Texas
Expunctions in Texas

Provides an overview of the expunction and non-disclosure processes in Texas. (Last revised 2010)

in Texas
Facing Foreclosure

An introduction to the residential foreclosure process, this publication includes a list of resources for homeowners to consult for additional assistance. (Last revised 2010)

Financial Resources Guide for a Public Interest Legal Career

Provides a summary of strategies and resources that law students may find useful when determining whether to pursue a career in government or public interest law. (Last revised 2013)

Financial Resources Guide for a Public Interest Legal 
Guide to Traffic Court

Explains the process of handling traffic citations in municipal court. The pamphlet discusses defendants’ rights, appearance in court, what to expect when going to court, trial procedure, pleas, defensive driving as an alternative, deferred adjudication, fines, and what happens if the court’s orders are not obeyed. A Q&A section includes answers to common questions. (Last revised 2013)


to Traffic Court
How to Select a Lawyer

Designed to provide tips on hiring a lawyer and how to prepare for a consultation. (Last revised 2012)

How to 
Select a Lawyer
How to Sue in Justice Court

Provides an overview of the general process used to file, obtain judgment, and collect in justice court. (Last revised 2013)

How to Sue in Justice Court
Identity Theft Guide

Identity theft is a crime that occurs when your personal or financial information is accessed and used without your permission. This brochure describes the different types of identity thefts and how to protect yourself from being a victim. (Last revised 2013)

How to Sue in Justice Court
Just Hang Up

Designed to raise awareness among seniors of the perils of telemarketing scams, due to a large number of Texas residents who fall prey to consumer scammers. (Last revised 2006)

Just Hang 
The Texas Juvenile Justice System: What You Need to Know

This guide provides youth, parent and guardians, a basic understanding about the court process and procedures, the rights and options available, penalties, resources and answers to the most frequently asked questions. (Last revised 2014)

Texas Uniform Jury Handbook
Kids in the Crossfire

Offers tips for divorcing parents, from behaviors to avoid, to suggestions for improving communication and minimizing stress on children. (Last revised 2006)

in the Crossfire
Legal Guide for Cancer Patients

Provides an overview of the legal issues that cancer patients and survivors may face, including guardianship for cancer survivors with children, employment issues, insurance coverage, estate planning, and concerns about privacy, to name just a few. (Last revised 2010)

Legal Guide 
for Cancer Patients
Let’s Learn a Little About the Law

A coloring/activity book about Officer Bob and Luis the Lawyer and the importance each plays in keeping our community safe.

Let's a Little 
about the Law
Living Trust Scams and the Senior Consumer

Describes how to avoid becoming a victim when purchasing a living trust. (Last revised 2012)

Trust Scams and the Senior Consumer
Loan Modification Scams

Created to address mortgage fraud by describing common types of loan modification scams and methods to follow if you feel you have been scammed. (Last revised 2011)

Loan Modification 

Loves Me Loves Me Not

Designed to educate teenagers about healthy dating and encourage them to seek help if they are in an abusive relationship or know someone who is. (Last revised 2010)

Me Loves Me Not
Luis Goes to Court

A coloring/activity book about a young boy who witnesses a bicycle being stolen and must go to court to testify.

Luis Goes to 
Name Changes in Texas

Provides an overview of the process for changing one's name. (Last revised 2012)

Name Changes 
in Texas
Occupational Licenses in Texas

Designed to provide basic introduction to the governmental structure for regulating occupational licenses, the process for obtaining and maintaining occupational licenses, and the potential pitfalls that may cause a person or business to be denied, or lose, a license. (Last revised 2011)

Occupational Licenses in Texas
Oil & Gas Basics for Homeowners

Designed for homeowners who have been approached by someone wanting to lease their mineral estates. Provides basic knowledge of some of the most common terms used in many residential oil and gas leases so homeowners are more educated when making decisions. (Last revised 2011)

Oil & Gas 
Basics for Homeowners
Peace of Mind: A Guide to Supporting Special Kids with Special Needs

Identifies and explains the unique issues that parents of children with special needs commonly face and the importance of future legal and financial planning to care for them. (Last revised 2011)

Peace of 
Mind: A Guide to Supporting Special Kids with Special Needs
Preventing Fraud on Veterans

Created to help veterans and their families protect their resources and avoid loss from fraud. It explains the Dependent’s Indemnity Compensation program, and the new GI bill. (Last revised 2013)

Preventing Fraud on Veterans
Pro Se Divorce Handbook

Provides information for those representing themselves in a simple (uncontested) divorce, along with discussions about division of marital property and issues concerning children. Also provides tips on court etiquette and deadlines. (Last revised 2014)

Pro Se 
Divorce Handbook
Protecting the Incapacitated: Guardianship in Texas from Application to Oath

Understanding guardianships in Texas law is made easier by this pamphlet, which discusses alternatives to guardianship, the guardianship process, and other issues related to instituting a guardianship proceeding. (Last revised 2014)

Protecting the Incapacitated: Guardianship in Texas
Protecting Your Ideas: An Overview of Intellectual Property Law

Provides information on the various types of intellectual property, the law that governs them, and steps needed to protect them. (Last revised 2012)

Protecting Your Ideas
Remaining Civil: An Officer’s Guide to Responding to Non-Criminal Calls for Service

A two-part project designed to educate officers and civilians about the civil remedies arising from common scenarios presented by emergency calls. The first part of the project consists of a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education-certified training block that discusses the best practices for answering calls involving domestic disputes, custody disputes, evictions, repossessions, animals, and mental health commitments. The second part of the project assists citizens in dealing with non-criminal legal issues and directs them to appropriate resources to resolve them. (Last revised 2012)

Remaining Civil: An Officer’s Guide to Responding to Non-Criminal 
Calls for Service
Resources for Veterans Seeking Help

Veterans face the same issues that all Texans face: going to school, finding a job, obtaining a loan, and getting health care. Veterans also deal with issues unique to those who have served our country in uniform. This pamphlet is intended to identify and describe resources related to these issues. (Last revised 2013)

Resources for Veterans Seeking Help
Seniors and the Law

A helpful guide to better understanding laws affecting seniors. Also includes many helpful resources available to our senior communities. (Last revised 2015)

Seniors and the Law
Service Members Civil Relief Act

Offers general information on protections provided by the Service Members Civil Relief Act. (Last revised 2013)

Service Members Civil Relief Act
Small Business Toolkit

Prepared to help you understand the laws affecting your small business and familiarize you with the legal issues you may encounter during opening and running a small business. (Last revised 2010)

Small Business Toolkit
Special Education Laws and the School Environment

This handbook is meant to be a tool to help you find the resources you need and to understand some key concepts that will make your navigation through the challenging waters of special education a little easier. (Last revised 2010)

Education Laws and the School Environment
Tenants' Rights Handbook

Explains many of the questions and legal issues that arise in a landlord-tenant relationship.

Rights Handbook
Texas Lawyer’s Creed: A Mandate for Professionalism

Designed to eliminate abusive tactics within the practice of law in Texas and promote respect and confidence in the legal profession. 

Lawyer’s Creed: A Mandate for Professionalism
Texas Probate Passport

Prepared to inform the public regarding what happens legally to the property of a person when he or she dies with a will or without a will and how the probate process works. (Last revised 2015)

Texas Probate Passport
Texas Uniform Jury Handbook

Prepared to help educate the public about jury service, ease their concerns, and provide resources to better prepare potential jurors. (Last revised 2013)

Texas Uniform Jury Handbook
The Benefits of Arbitration in Texas

Arbitration is preferred by many as a way to resolve disputes. This booklet will explain the many advantages it has over litigation in court. (Revised 2014)

The Benefits of Arbitration Cover
To Will or Not to Will

Reviews the law on wills in Texas and how it applies to people who die without a will. Also explains the advantages of executing a will and other legal directives. (Last revised 2015)

To Will 

or Not to Will
Truancy Guide

Created to help parents and students understand Texas truancy laws, this resource explains relevant laws, the judicial process, possible penalties, and how to obtain an expunction or dismissal. (Last revised 2013)

Truancy Guide
What to Expect in Texas Family Law Court

Navigating your way through a family law case can be confusing during what is often a stressful and emotional time in your life. Not knowing what to expect can make it even harder. This handout is intended to help you understand what you can expect when you have a case in Texas family law court. (Last revised 2014)

What You Should 

Know About Texas Family Law Court
What You Should Expect About Your Child Abuse, Neglect or CPS Case

Explains the CPS process and the timeline in a CPS case. (Last revised 2012)

What You Should Know About Your Child Abuse and Neglect CPS 

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