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Are you looking for a mentor? Do you have questions about practicing in a certain part of the state? Would you like someone to talk to about your professional development? Do you need guidance regarding the practice of law? 

Welcome to the SBOT Advisory Network! Recognizing the importance of mentors in an attorney’s professional development, the State Bar of Texas strives to provide an additional resource to Texas attorneys seeking personal and professional guidance as they navigate their careers. The SBOT Advisory Network is a mentor bank available to attorneys seeking mentors throughout the state. The mentors participating in the SBOT Advisory Network are willing to serve as mentors and can be contacted directly using the contact information listed on this site. You can search for mentors by geographic region, and/or practice area.

The SBOT Advisory Network is intended for general career advice, to learn about contacts or practicing in a particular region, or for guidance on general professional development. It is not intended for attorney use in seeking legal advice or for help with substantive legal questions.   

How does the program work? Access the mentor database and search for mentors by geographic region and/or practice area. Then, contact the mentors directly using the contact information listed on their profile. It is that easy. 

Please remember that all mentors have agreed to participate in this program and are willing to be a resource to you.  All we ask of you is that you respect the mentors and their time. The mentors will exercise their judgment in deciding whether to answer questions and may decline to answer any questions they deem inappropriate. 

A note about judges: Some of the participating mentors are sitting judges. The State Bar of Texas reminds you of your ethical obligations regarding direct contact with judges before whom you have cases pending. Furthermore, attorneys should never contact a participating judge mentor about specific fact scenarios on any pending or hypothetical cases.   

Disclaimer: Attorneys are reminded that their conduct is always governed by the Rules of Professional Conduct. The State Bar of Texas does not monitor the content of questions or answers exchanged between mentors and mentees and, therefore, does not make any representations about the quality of information provided by any participating mentor. All attorneys utilizing the SBOT Advisory Network must exercise discretion and their own judgment in following the advice of mentors contacted through this program. 

The resource provided on this webpage is for use by licensed attorneys who are members of The State Bar of Texas. In availing yourself of this resource, you acknowledge and recognize that the assistance provided by the legal professional volunteers listed on this site should not be considered legal advice to you or your client or a substitute for your independent legal research, analysis, and findings. The service provided by the attorney volunteers listed herein, is not intended to and does not create an attorney-client relationship or any other fiduciary relationship between the attorney seeking assistance and the legal professional volunteer and/or their client. By choosing to use this resource, you  agree to waive any claims which you may have for the assistance or advice provided by the attorney volunteers listed on this site. You also agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless The State Bar of Texas and the volunteers listed on this site against any claims, actions, demands, and/or damages including, without limitation, legal fees resulting from your use of this resource.

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