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The population of the State of Texas is approximately 50% minority and 50% female.

It is predicted that, under a moderate growth scenario, Hispanics will be the largest ethnic group in Texas by 2020 and will constitute more than half of the State's population by 2040.

Although positive strides have taken place over the past few years to recognize and deal with these growth factors, we must continue to be diligent in our efforts to create a fair and equal legal profession.

There has also been a drain of Texas minority and women law students to out-of-state law firms and corporations. Conversely, Texas law firms and corporations have met hurdles in seeking to recruit minorities and women.

  • Only six percent of the partners of Texas's largest law firms are minorities and only 17.6% are women.
  • Minorities represent 27% of current enrollment in Texas law schools, but only 11% of Texas's largest law firms.
  • Women represent 47% of current enrollment in Texas law schools, but only 30% of Texas's largest law firms.

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State Bar of Texas Reports and Directories

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* Research on this page has been pulled from the PDF reports located here. Please download and read in full.

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