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We've answered some common questions asked by people across Texas. We hope you find them useful.

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I need a lawyer. Can you tell me what kind of attorney I need?
Yes, we can refer you to a lawyer that best matches your legal problem. You can also search for a lawyer yourself in our Find a Lawyer online directory

  • Do You Need a Lawyer? Visit this section to get details and contact information. Then give our LRIS staff a call and we'll help you find the lawyer or agency you need.
  • Necesita un Abogado? Para obtener informacion en como le podemos ayudar a encontrar un abogado. Mas â?? obtener informacion si usted tiene preguntas acerca de los cargos a su cuenta o si usted necesita presentar una queja en contra de su abogado.
  • Encuentre un Abogado: Busque en linea el directorio gratuito de abogados por ubicacion y area de practica.


How can I find an inexpensive attorney, or an attorney that will work for free?
We do not keep a list of attorneys who are inexpensive, or who work for free (i.e., pro bono).

What we can do is refer you -- no charge for the referral -- to a lawyer or agency through our certified Lawyer Referral Information Service (LRIS) to help with your legal problem. Our network of LRIS lawyers do not work for free. You negotiate with your lawyer about payment during your first meeting.

If you cannot afford a lawyer you might be eligible for free civil legal assistance through your local legal aid office. Click the link below for more information:

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How do I file a complaint against my lawyer?
If you feel your lawyer has engaged in unethical conduct, you may need to file a complaint with us.

  • Filing a Complaint: Visit this section to get the details on how the grievance process works and how to file a complaint against your lawyer.


How do I find an attorney that is licensed both in Texas and another state?
The State Bar of Texas does not have a list of attorneys who are licensed in other states. We suggest that you contact the bar association in that state.

American Bar Association (ABA) [Website]
Visit the ABA website for a list of bar associations in each state.

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Where do I find information on tenant's rights, family law, or how to draft a living will?
We have a library of consumer legal information for the public on this website, and it's all free.

  • Our Legal System: If you've been arrested, or summoned for jury duty, or you want to be a lawyer? Get info on these topics and more.
  • Consumer & Tenant Rights: Download a brochures on consumer information and your rights as a renter. Stay in control when you stay informed.
  • Family Law: Find legal guides regarding child abuse, a divorce handbook, what to expect in court, and more family issue information.
  • Elder Law: Do you need a will? Living trust scams and more senior consumer information.
  • Schools:Download our educational pamphlets on the constitutional rights of students, parents, and principals.
  • Borrow a Free Video: You may watch videos online or borrow videos and no charge for up to two weeks from our extensive library of educational videos.
  • Informacion en Espanol: Baje nuestros folletos educativos, los cuales ofrecen una variedad de asuntos legales que hemos traducido para usted en espanol.
  • Client Page: The items here originally appeared in the "Client Page" column in the Texas Bar Journal. The Client Page offers useful legal information for consumers.

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Do you have the number for my local legal aid office?
Please call our main telephone number here at the State Bar of Texas. We will provide you with the number of the legal aid office in your county.

Toll free: (800) 204-2222
Direct: (512) 427-1463

How do I file a complaint against my landlord?
We have a free library of information geared toward the public on this site.

  • Consumer & Tenant Rights: Visit this section for a free download of the Tenants' Rights Handbook. It is full of useful and valuable information, including the details to your question on filing a complaint.
What to Do if You Cannot Contact Your Attorney
If your attorney dies, disappears, becomes disabled, or is suspended or disbarred, here is a checklist of the steps you should take.

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