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Model Policies and Mentoring Programs

The following websites offer practical tips, advice, forums, and publications on issues ranging from alternative work schedules, maternity leave, policies on sexual harassment, self-assessment tools, and more.

In alphabetical order.

Model Policies

Alternative Work Schedules [Website]
The importance of flexible work schedules.

A Diversity Self-Assessment Tool for Law Firms [Website]
Access this "personal report card" and discover how your law firm scores with diversity.

Maternity and Paternity Leave: Max Your Maternity Leave [Website]
The basics of maternity leave.

Maternity and Paternity Leave: Working Parents Need Paid Time-Off [Website]
Why parents need time off.

Maternity Leave Policies [Website]
Facts about maternity and paternity leave.

Model Policies on Sexual Harassment and Alternative Work Arrangements [Website]
Flexible schedules and alternative work environments.

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Legal Publications and Forums

ABA Minority Publications [Website]
Publications and periodicals on racial and ethnic diversity.

Michigan University Journal of Race and Law [Website]
A forum on issues relating to race, law and Civil Rights in general.

Minority Law Journal [Website]  
A forum on the application of diversity in the legal workplace.

Race, Racism and the Law [Website]
Comprehensive discussions on race and the law.

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Mentoring Programs

A Guide To Cross Gender and Cross Race Mentoring [Website]
Excellent online study conducted by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association to discover the conditions under which women and minorities are able to find, form, and sustain meaningful mentoring relationships across gender and race.

The Lawyers’ Guide To Mentoring [Website]
The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring by Ida O. Abbott is directed to every lawyer interested in being a mentor or having a mentor – and to every law office wishing to make mentoring available in the workplace.

Mentoring Program Aims to Recruit and Retain Minority Lawyers [Website]
This article in the Business Journal of Milwaukee covers a mentoring program aimed at recruiting and maintaining minority lawyers.

Mentoring Programs for Minority Attorneys: A Word to the Wise [Website]
This online article by Ida O. Abbott highlights mentoring issues and spotlights how lawyers of different racial, gender, and cultural backgrounds can build successful mentoring relationships.

Minority Opportunities in the Legal Profession [Website]
This Houston Bar Association committee encourages and promotes equal opportunities for minority lawyers in the legal profession and in the Houston Bar Association. Contact them for more details.

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