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Congratulations and welcome to the State Bar of Texas.

We have highlighted a few important tools, resources, and services that you will use throughout your career to assist your clients, grow your practice, and have a life outside of work.


Notice to Clients Sign
Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 81.079, attorneys and law firms must post this sign in their offices to inform clients of the disciplinary process. English Version (PDF format) Spanish Version (PDF format)

MCLE Compliance
Check Visit MyBarPage, log in, and you'll have instant access to your Minimum Continuing Legal Education Records, and you can even report courses attended.

A Lawyer's Guide to Client Trust Accounts
A guide to assist Texas lawyers to comply with Rule 1.14 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, also known as the trust account rule.

IOLTA Guidelines/Forms
Ready to open a trust account for client funds? Visit the website of the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation.

Legal Ethics
The Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism offers indispensable online reference materials on lawyer ethics.

Codes of Pretrial and Trial Conduct (pdf)
These codes, published by the American College of Trial Lawyers, are minimum standards intended to promote professionalism and courtesy among trial lawyers during all stages of litigation.

Professional Requirements for Attorneys
The information on this page will help you maintain your State Bar membership. Includes Rules of Conduct, Rules of Procedure, advertising rules, and information about filing advertisements.


State Bar Computer and Technology Section
Join this practice section to network and share ideas about technology.

Texas Bar Journal Online

Cornell Legal Information Institute
Houston attorney Howard Nations has been compiling this links collection for years.

Howard Nations' Legal Links
Houston attorney Howard Nations has been compiling this links collection for years.

ABA Legal Technology Resource Center

Law Practice Management

State Bar of Texas Law Practice Management Program
Through this program, the State Bar offers a wealth of resources to help you start and manage your practice.
The State Bar's world-class professional development program offers legal education courses in your city and online.

A Guide to the Basics of Law Practice
This is the Supreme Court mandated course that all new lawyers must take within one year of being licensed. By accessing this site, you can find information about the course, its availability online and in live settings, and registration information.

ABA Law Practice Management Section
A great resource for solo attorneys and firms of all sizes.

Ethics Helpline
The Chief Disciplinary Counsel's Office maintains a toll-free Attorney Ethics Helpline from 8 to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. This service is for Texas attorneys who have questions about their ethical obligations to clients, courts, and the public under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. The Helpline number is (800)532-3947.

Contingency Planning for Closing a Law Practice
An attorney’s illness, incapacity, or even suspension due to misconduct, can result in the temporary or permanent closure of a practice. Your law firm needs a contingency plan in case this happens.  

Life as a Lawyer

How to Succeed as a Lawyer, by Roland Boyd
Timeless advice from an attorney to his son, who is about to enter the legal profession. This article appeared in the Texas Bar Journal in 1962, and became an instant classic.

Texas Young Lawyers Association
You're a member of the TYLA. Help it make a positive impact in the lives of attorneys and the public.

State Bar Sections
Why not join one or more State Bar sections — you'll find they offer a wealth of resources and networking opportunities. Many sections offer free memberships for attorneys licensed two years or less. As a young lawyer, you can join up to 5 sections that offer free memberships at no charge. Download the application.

Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program 
For attorneys with substance abuse or mental health problems, the State Bar offers help and hope

Lawyer Referral Information Service
Need clients for your new practice? Special discounts for new lawyers

Alternatives to Private Law Practice

Interviews with In-House and Government Counsel
Q and A interviews on how in-house and government counsel found their positions and the challenges and opportunities presented to them.  Includes discussions on non-legal roles.

Frequently Asked Questions
Additional questions and answers on moving in-house, to a governmental position or outside of law practice.

Organization Charts
Helpful charts on how large and small companies are organized, and how the Texas Office of Attorney General is organized. 

Helpful Links
Links to websites concerning business transactions, public and private companies, state and federal offices, and others sites providing helpful general information.

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