State Bar of Texas President
Trey Apffel 2014-2015

Trey Apffel
Trey Apffel was elected president of the State Bar of Texas in May 2013. State Bar members elect the president, who serves a one-year term as president-elect before taking office. State Bar president-elect candidates are recommended by the board's Nominations and Elections Committee in accordance with a three-year rotating cycle between members in a metropolitan area, non-metropolitan area, and an open year.

The President's Curriculum Vitae

Read Trey Apffel's portfolio of experience.

From the Office of the President

Trey Apffel's focus this year will be on communication, using every channel available to ensure that members and the public are aware of the many State Bar programs and benefits available to them.

Making the Case

The resources on this page are designed to help you talk with a community group about the role of lawyers and the judicial system in our society.

Civics Resources: Oyez, Oyez, Oh Yay! [Website]

This new civics website educates students on landmark court cases through videos, case summaries, and other resources. The site also includes curriculum materials and strategies for teachers on the cases, which are part of new TEKS standards.

Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans

Visit this page for details and resources on providing legal clinics for military veterans who cannot afford legal help.

Let's Do Justice for Texas

This special State Bar of Texas initiative is designed to help Texans understand their essential roles in protecting and preserving the Rule of Law.

Transition to Practice

This initiative is a mentoring program designed for local bar associations to assist young lawyers' transition to the practice of law.

After the Bar Exam [Website]

This initiative is a free online program designed to provide practical guidance and answers to future lawyers' questions and concerns.

Texas Legal Legends

The purpose of this series by Past President Harper Estes is to preserve and share the perspectives of legendary Texas lawyers.

State Bar of Texas Presidents' Award

The Presidents' Award is presented at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting each year. The award honors exceptional service to the public and the legal profession.

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