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Health Care Choices for You

The Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange is a multi-carrier private exchange designed for State Bar of Texas members and their staff and dependents. Available to both individuals and employer groups, the exchange offers a wide range of health insurance choices, including access to and choices from:

  • The Public Exchange
  • The Private Exchange
  • Non-qualified Health Plans

The Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange is divided into two extranet portal components—one for individuals and another for employer groups.

Individual Portal

  • Assistance is provided with subsidy eligibility and enrollment, if desired, on the Public Exchange.
  • The Private Exchange offers a variety of Qualified Health Plan options, including plans by carriers that may not be on the Public Exchange.
  • Selection processes on the Private Exchange make it easy to find a plan that carries the health care providers members want.
  • “Best Fit” decision capability guides consumers to the best plan for their needs.
  • Accounts are accessible 24/7 via smartphone and an online portal.
  • The Private Exchange offers a comprehensive selection of products, including health, dental, vision, life, disability, accident, wellness, and more.
  • Some members may be interested in a Non-qualified Health Plan that may have a lower premium.

Employer Portal

  • Employers may choose to set up a Defined Contribution Plan for employees.
  • A set contribution allows employees to select the coverage best suited for their needs; if they go over the designated amount, they pay the difference.
  • Administrative tasks, billing, and annual renewal processes are streamlined for employers.
  • Employers have easy access to reports and the ability to manage payroll deductions via online portal.
  • Employees have the same access to choices available on the Individual Portal.
  • Enrollment is now available.

The Texas Bar Private Insurance exchange, which is administered by MemberBenefits Inc., is easy to use and provides health care choices for everyone. Assistance is just a phone call away at (800) 282-8626.

This page will be updated regularly to keep State Bar of Texas members informed with important information.

How to use the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange

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