“Notarios” or “immigration consultants” are increasingly targeting immigrants throughout the United States, using false advertising, fraudulent contracts, charging large sums of money, and ultimately providing no help to individuals. Immigrants often turn to notarios in hopes of gaining legal status or for assistance in drafting other legal documents. In many cases, however, notarios ruin any chance for immigrants to obtain legal status.

The resources on this page are intended to inform the public about this dangerous practice and provide help to victims.

  • Consumer video, “The Truth About Notarios,” from the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The video is available in both English and Spanish formats.
  • Consumer video, "Fight Notario Fraud," is made available by the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers. The video is available in Spanish format.
  • The American Bar Assocation offers consumer resources about notario fraud on its website.
  • The Federal Trade Commission's website offers resources to help you identify and avoid fraud against immigrants. The information is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Creole, and Vietnamese.
  • Breathe Free: A Guide to Immigration
    Immigration law, which sets forth the rules on when and how a non-U.S. citizen may enter the country, is an integral part of our society. This guide is intended to give you a broad understanding of the process.