Request an Opinion from the Professional Ethics Committee (PEC)

The PEC, which is a committee appointed by of the Supreme Court, issues ethics opinions responding to ethics-related questions. Only members of the State Bar of Texas may request a PEC opinion.

Before you request an opinion:
Check to see if an ethics opinion has already been published regarding your subject. The Texas Center for Legal Ethics maintains a searchable database of ethics opinions and rules at www.legalethicstexas.com.

To request an opinion from the PEC:

  1. Prepare a written request that includes:
      1. A scenario of background facts in the hypothetical situation;
      2. The question(s) presented;
      3. A discussion of applicable authority. This may not need to be exhaustive, but should focus on specific disciplinary rules that may be involved and any case law, prior opinions or opinions from other jurisdictions that may apply; and
      4. A statement that the question(s) presented is not in litigation.
  2. Send your request to the following address, and we will forward it to the PEC:

Michelle Jordan, Attorney Liaison
State Bar of Texas
Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel
Post Office Box 12487
Austin, Texas 78711

The PEC will not issue an opinion on a particular lawyer advertisement, but will consider general forms of lawyer advertising. Also, the PEC will not issue an opinion that concerns interpretation of legislation or interpretation of the unauthorized practice of law.

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